For some people

Less fortunate than ourselves,

Life is often worse

Than a dirty outhouse.

They grow up in the streets

Filthy, walked over,

Ignored, and sneered at.

Others don't even get space on the streets.

They rummage through garbage,

And sleep in the alleyways,

Never knowing a single luxury.

But us…

Our toilets are cleaner than their skin.

But most don't seem to care.

People seem never to have a buck to spare,

To buy a poor man some food.

But what would you care.

You're a fairly wealthy middle classed person.

Without a single care,

Except for goings on in your small, self centered world.

Most have never know what life is like

Living in a dirty outhouse.

But the sad thing is,

Most will never think to care for those who do.