Storm of Insanity
by Mendelssohn

Background: This story/poem is based off of Schumann's Sonata in g minor first movement. It's a really insane piece. The tempo (speed) marking at the beginnning is as fast as possible. Later, it says to go faster, and at the very end, it says to go even faster. I think that should give you a good idea about the piece of music/poem.
I wrote this poem as if it was the piece. "I" is the storm of insanity that the music depicts (the way I interpreted it). Enjoy!

BTW, if you get a chance to hear Martha Argerich play this piece, it is absolutely phenomenal.


I raged.
I raged throughout this blasted world.
I raged
I angered
I destroyed.
I took all in my path and utterly smashed them.
I became one with insanity.
My desperate winds gathered around me
It interwove heaps of insanity into me.

It all started with a desperate plea
A plea of peace refused by the world.
I became a furious maniac.
My plea unanswered, I raged on.

I spun wildly.
I was beyond reasoning
I was above pian
I was Chaos.

But why couldn't I get my plea answered?
Did I not beg with all my heart?
Did I not cry from within the depth of my soul?
Or should I have taken another approach?
Was it all my fault because of misunderstandment?

Days of peace so glorious
So grand, so beautiful
So open, so sweet.
I yearn for them to return.

No! No! No!
It was not my fault!
Never mine!
Why take the blame?
Why degrade myself?
So I shall rage on.

I shall rage throughout this accursed world.
I shall tear it apart ot pieces.
If I can't live in peace
no one shall either.
All shall suffer with me.

Insanity is mine
Insanity is I
Chaos is I
I will bind this damned world into the utter chaos of eternal hell.


Congrats for reading the whole poem!

Kind of strange, I know. Not really a poem either, but I would really appreciate if I could get any reviews. Thank you!!