The Silver Elephants

      Carsia knew at once that she had stumbled upon something very mystical and supernatural the moment she caught sight of the Silver Elephants.

        There were only six of them, each hanging on to the tail of the elephant in front. The elephant that was leading seemed to be the largest. Its colossal tusks of pure silver gleamed brightly in the sunlight, and upon its silver trunk were rings of brilliant gold.

        The six Silver Elephants stood right in the middle of the clearing. Lofty, dark trees grew around them on all sides, and although the sky was darkening, Carsia saw the light that the Silver Elephants emitted. Carsia saw, and she believed.

        She was just about to settle for looking at the Silver Elephants from behind the charred remains of the large oak tree when the elephant with the golden rings on its trunk turned its large head to her. Their eyes met, and for a moment, Carsia was lost in the silvery-greyish depths of those soulful eyes.

        Then slowly, the leader of the Silver Elephants raised its trunk and waved for her to join them in the clearing. "Me?" Carsia mouthed the words, placing her right hand on her chest in surprise. She remained behind the oak tree, most of her hidden from sight.

        The Silver Elephant did not answer her question, but merely continued waving its trunk. Carsia took it for a 'yes', and stepped out from behind the oak tree. The Silver Elephants, as though sensing her sudden presence among them, grew a little restless. They stamped their huge silver feet on the ground, sending the earth shivering under Carsia's feet. The broad emerald leaves on the trees let sparkling drops of fresh dewfall slowly to the slightly damp earth.

        Carsia stopped, fearful.

        The smell of Spring was intoxicating.

        The Silver Elephant beckoned once more.

        This time, when Carsia took an experimental step forwards, the other five Silver Elephants remained calm. She took another step forwards, and then another and finally made her way right to the front of the Silver Elephant.

        Carsia was already fourteen, but short for her age. She only came up to the silver tusks of the leader, but her limbs were long enough to climb upon the back of the Silver Elephant when it bent down for her to do so.

        Carsia clung on tightly to the tiny silver hairs on the smooth back of the Silver Elephant. "Where are you taking me?" she asked, and as she looked back to see the other five Silver Elephants trailing slowly behind, her heart began to beat a little faster.

        The first Silver Elephant raised its trunk, and waved it about in the air. At first Carsia dismissed these gestures as normal waves of an elephant's trunk. But then she noticed that a silver misty powder had followed the loops and curves of its trunk to form words. The Silver Elephant was communicating with her!

~Away from home…~ it spelt.

The words lingered brightly in the twilight sky, and for a second they shone like the brightest star, then slowly they dissipated into the air, and the silver powder vanished in a twinkling.

The cold hand of fear gripped Carsia's heart, and she shook her head, suddenly petrified. "I don't want to be away from home!" she cried out.

~But you left home! You insisted on it!~

The Silver Elephant plodded along while writing its reply out in the sky. Carsia was astonished. "How did you know I left home? I didn't tell anyone!" she panicked.

~The minute you left home, you called The Silver Elephants…~

Carsia pondered over this mysterious reply. The minute she left home, she had called the Silver Elephants? What did that mean? "I want to go home… please?" this was getting all too uncanny.

~You can never go home…~

"What?" Carsia was aghast.

~Once you call The Silver Elephants you can never go home~

Author's Note: Okay… I know this story is pretty stupid… but what can I do? I just got the idea and I want to expand on it!