By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on a Saturday morning,when Jason Reel had entered the WJW-8(FOX-TV)offices,in order to apply for a job.
He had gone to the FOX-8 newsroom,handed his resume over to the supervisor,Artie Collins,and waited hopefully to see weather,or not he had been hired.
However,after he was through looking at the resume,a not-so-pleased Artie had looked at Jason,and asked,"Not bad,kid.But,is there anything more I should know about?"
But,before a soon-to-be-disappointed Jason was about to answer,there was a voice coming from the radio,that said,"Sky Fox central,this is Sky Fox 5!We've spotted some nut grab a young girl away from her mother,and take off in some mustty-old pick-up truck!"
After he had heard that,Artie had looked at Jason,said,"Excuse me for a minute,kid.",and went over to the radio board.
And of course,thinking that he had no chance of getting a job there anyway,poor Jason had started looking out of the window.
But suddenly,Jason had gotten a sudden wave of inspiration,for he had spotted his old high-school chum,Doug Zaneberg heading towards one of the Sky Fox helicopters.
And while everybody's backs were turned,a hopefull Jason had sneaked out of the room,ran towards the Sky Fox chopper that Doug was going to fly,and snuck right on board it.
Sometime after take-off,and after he had spotted the truck,Doug had activated his radio,and said,"Sky Fox central,this is Sky Fox 1!I've got my eye on the pick-up!It's moving on Tanner Road,and heading towards the Burke Lakefront Airport!"
"Any cop cars in pursuit?",asked Artie's voice on the radio.
"Yes.At least twenty of them.",answered a concerned Doug."But,with the way this cuckoo's driving,they're having a bad time catching up to him."
One long chase,two near-fatale crashes,and a smashed-through wooden fence later,the pick-up was almost halfway to the Burke Lakefront Airport,and the police were hopefully scrambling for a miracle.
And in a way,a miracle was about to show it's face,for before the pick-up was able to reach the airport parking lot,Jason had placed the chopper's saftey-harness on himself,opened the chopper door,and said,"DOUG,IT'S ME,JASON REEL!"
"JASON?",asked a shocked Doug."WHAT THE HELL--?"
"JUST DO ME ONE LITTLE FAVOR!",added Jason,as he was getting ready to jump."LOWER THE CHOPPER TO IN FRONT OF THE PICK-UP!"
But,instead of asking any more stupid questions,and knowing that the police had needed help with stopping the crazed nut,Doug had done what was asked.
After the chopper had lowered itself in front of him,the kidnapper had no choice,but to stop the pick-up,pull out a gun,aim it at the chopper,and demand,"MOVE THAT FLYING PIECE OF JUNK,OR YOU'LL BE KISSING YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS GOOD-BYE!!"
But,before anybody was able to do anything,a confindant Jason had jumped out of the chopper,landed on the pick-up,and grabbed the gun away from the kidnapper,before punching his lights out.
After the little girl was returned to her mommy,and the kidnapper had been hauled away to a police jail-cell,Jason was back in the FOX-8 news offices,and in front of Artie,who,with a smile on his face,had asked,"Well,kid?When do you want to start work?"
So,whenever you hear Jason's voice on the Sky Fox traffic report,please do remember,that no matter what type of job,good old John Q. Fate would be possible to help you find a way to get it.