Authors note: this is a very symbolic piece. You can read a lot into it, or nothing at all. If you want some good background music while you're reading it, I recommend 'Tell me a Fable' from the 'Ever After' soundtrack. It was what gave me the inspiration for this.

Just a note to anybody who doesn't know, because they come up in the story:

Kali – an African goddess, very destructive with a thirst for blood, she wears a necklace of human skulls and a girdle of severed arms. Not always the loveliest of the goddesses, she represents primal freedom.

Artemis – (also known as Diana) A Greek goddess, who has come to be a moon goddess (although she wasn't originally) she is the protector of virgins and mistress of the hunt.

Aphrodite – (also known as Venus) A Greek goddess of love and beauty. Sensuous and sexual, although not always ethical in her exploits.

Persephone – Daughter of Demeter, she was kidnapped by Hades while picking flowers in a field.

Maiden – Mother – Crone: the three stages of a woman's life are represented by the phases of the moon, waxing = maiden, full = mother, waning = crone,

Gaia – the Greek earth goddess, she is the earth we walk on.

I just thought I'd leave that in there for anyone who wasn't familiar with mythology. I've used mainly Greek goddesses, because these are the ones I relate best to.

Anyway on with the story, if you don't understand it, don't worry because it's very personal but I thought I'd post it and see what you people think.

Finding 'Mother'

From within the wave upon wave of rooftops emerges a small green hump of earth. One single hill, and at it's summit a small lonely figure stands. The girl is dressed in a baggy U.S.A top and black flares. Her eyebrows are carefully plucked and her pouty lips are caked with scarlet. She seems unsure of exactly what she is doing. A deep breath finds it's way down into her lungs. She checks herself then closes her eyes. Another deep breath as she tries desperately just to feel, then stops. This just looks silly and it isn't working.

 Frowning she casts her eye's upward. A small bird is circling wildly above her. Just riding the currents and allowing itself to be blown about freely.

Something in her ignites. She wants to be that bird. Her hair suddenly feels very tight, so she rips the tie out. Her glittery platforms become like shackles restricting her ankles. She kicks them away. One more deep breath. Something – something wonderful wells up inside her. She lets her feet turn her body slowly in a careful circle. Once, twice, three times. Faster! Faster! Faster! Till she has lost count. looking upwards as she spins the sky come down to meet her and the world below he stamping feet flies out like a skirt, whirling and twirling as she turns. Birds dip down and trace intricate patterns into the air, just for her. Everything is just for her, and for once it feels okay to be selfish.

Her arms are flung outward, fingers stretched as far as they can go. She screams in delight and pulls the universe into her being. She beats her hands upon her breast and tramples the daisies. A name rings in her ears.


Hounds bark inside her soul and she follows their ringing sounds around and around in circles with nimble feet.


She swings her hips and moves sensuously, more beautiful than any amount of fashion and cosmetics can make her.


She runs from flower to flower, plucking it's tempting innocents without hesitation.


She lifts her arms to the waxing moon.


One more primal scream echoes across the hilltop. Her lungs contract and her heart explodes, sending fragments of her spirit, singing, out into the evening sky.

Then, exhausted and sated she collapses onto the grass. The world spins and gradually her breathing slows. She closes her eyes and listens to the gentle rhythms of the earth.


Her whisper floats into the breeze.

"Mother, I'm home." 

There! What do you think?