I was inspired to write a chose your own adventure book by Ice Wolf 17 (read her stories they're great). This is either a horror book or a humor book depending on what you chose to do.

1 Your are sitting in front of the computer writing your story.

    Your parents are out of town and your home alone. You live in a two story house, with a basement. In the basement is your computer room and a bathroom. on the 1st floor there is the kitchen, living room and another bathroom. On the second room there are two bedrooms and yet another bathroom.

     All of the sudden the lights go out and your computer turns of. You look out your basement window and see that your neighbors lights are still on.

     What do you do?

     You go outside and flip the breaker switch (go to part 2)

     You call the police (go to part 3)

     You go upstairs to go to bed (go to part 4)