Once long ago in a land of sea and mist two lovers met. The woman went only by the name Sini the meaning of which has been forgotten by all but a few. She was the immortal child of the sea, the firstborn. Silver was her hair black her eyes and white her skin. She roamed the sea searching for something she could not define. Time was not counted by the immortals so we do not know how long she searched before she found it. She came upon a ship one day with a young fisherman who was also a mage lying in it dying of thirst. She brought him back to life and they had many adventures together which have been lost in the swirling mists of time. They soon discovered that a feeling had crept between them and joined them together permanently- love. They were married and Sini was disowned by her people; her immortality stripped from her forever. They lived their lives by the sea. Sini bore two children- one destined for death and danger the other destined for life. Their stories are recorded in the texts of the sorcerers on the deed of the return of the Arion to its rightful heir.