The Birth Of Friendship

This day on which I write these words,
I have turned twenty-four,
Though too this date I celebrate
The birth of so much more.

Happy a day it started out -
For more I could not ask.
A few people I hoped to see,
And they all did the task.

The last, however, I did miss,
And sadness touched us both.
A world in which I love to dwell
For one day I did loathe.

To see her frown in knowledge that
I was no longer there,
Brought to me a wish to cry -
For her I deeply care.

Yet through it all, our friendship grows -
A stronger bond is born.
When next we've talked, I'll cast aside
These chains that I have worn.

With every death, there is a birth -
The cycle does not end.
I lay my sadness now to rest
To say I love my friend.