He realized he had to do something, but he wasn't sure what. He knew that they were in even more trouble than Sapphire realized. Those witches weren't just any witches. They were of the order of blood, which meant they drank blood to remain young and strong. Unlike vampires, their lives didn't depend on it. There were even rumors of eating the bodies, which would make even a vampire's stomach turn. Now they were searching for them.

            He thought briefly of telling her about the armies, but Luna had been clear that he wasn't to screw with destiny, so that was out. He looked over at her and realized that his problem of what to say was solved. She was fast asleep in one of the chairs.

            He lifted her and walked to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed and frowned. She looked old even in her sleep. It was obvious that life had really screwed her over. He left the room and went to the phone in the kitchen. He dialed the number he'd memorized years before.

            "Yes?" a man asked in an annoyed tone.

            "Damien? It's Shade."

            "Shade? Where the hell have you been, man?"

            "Around," he answered evasively, "Look, I've got a problem."

            "What kind of problem?" the voice asked, suddenly more serious.

            "I've got a horde of blood witches after me, and a slightly insane shifter is helping them."

            "Why the hell are they after you?" he asked.

            "They're not exactly after me," Shade replied reluctant to give more information than he already had.

            "I would ask, but I'll be over there in half an hour. You will tell me then."

            Shade ignored the barely masked command in the last sentence.

            "Hurry," he said hanging up the phone. At least they didn't have to be in this alone. If anyone could help them- besides the armies- Damien could.