Terry pushed her wavy black hair out of her face and looked around the room. He wasn't here either. Where could he possibly be?? She hadn't seen Nathan in over a week. He was bound to be in some kind of trouble. A picture of her brother's carelessly handsome face swam into view and she had to blink to clear it. In her mind she vowed yet again to find him.

            With his face came memories, not all of them pleasant. She remembered the night after he'd been changed into a vampire, times when he'd almost killed himself trying to give up human blood, fears of sunlight, and when a human had suspected and tried to expose him. The human had watched their house for months, trying to prove that her brother was a vampire, but had gone away with nothing because Nathan had fed on Terry and other friends instead of hunting. Actually, Nathan did not bite her, but had used a needle like a doctor to collect her blood. It had been very unpleasant for him but he had refused to bite his own family. "You are not my prey," he had once said, "You are my sister." Their parents had never figured out why she was so pale during those months. Their parents didn't know about Nathan. Only Terry knew because she had seen him when he was first changed.

            "Nathan," she'd whispered, "what's happened?"

            "Run, Terry, run," he'd whispered. Luckily for her she'd listened. He'd killed a neighbor that night. Vampires had to kill once in a while to stay alive (or undead, whichever you prefer). "We need the life source," he'd once told her, "It's the only way." Other than those periodical killings vampires usually didn't kill their victims. Usually they only needed a little over a pint a night, which would leave a human dizzy, but otherwise unharmed.

            Terry continued her search through the house. Nothing. She walked back into the living room where the party was happening. There was at least one vampire in the room, but she couldn't see them. Vampires had a sort of feel about them. Living around one long enough made you perceive them more clearly than other humans. Suddenly she saw the vampire. Jair. Not the best situation. Unfortunately he'd already spotted her. He walked toward her in that cocky way that made her want to puke.

            "Terry, so kind of you to come," he said in a seemingly pleasant voice.

            Terry got right to the point. "Have you seen Nathan?" she asked. She could have sworn there was shock in his eyes. He grabbed her arm and started pulling her toward a door on the other side of the room. "I'm not that stupid," she hissed. He continued to pull and she reluctantly followed when they started to attract attention. She didn't want any vampires to be exposed, even if they were trying to kill her, which she now doubted Jair was doing. He closed the door behind them and firmly locked it.

            "No one has told you then?" he asked in what almost seemed a regretful tone.

            "Told me what?" she asked bewilderedly.

            "Nathan is dead," he answered, "He was killed by a hunter."

            "Dead??" she said, unable to process the information.

            "Yes," Jair answered emotionlessly.

            "Oh shit," Terry whispered hysterically, "Damn him. He just had to die didn't he? I warned him to be more careful." Jair looked at her with a faint spark of interest in his eyes.  "Who did it?" Terry asked, "Which one of those murderers did it?"

            "Why do you care so much?" Jair asked, "After all he was only a vampire."

            "He was my brother," Terry answered, her green eyes flashing, "I'll kill whoever did this." She had begun pacing the room but was brought up short when he stepped in front of her.

            "Kara did it," he whispered, "You would be stupid to try to kill her."

            "I must be stupid then," she answered stalking out of the room. She'd do it at dawn when they were off of their guard. She wouldn't have much trouble taking one of them down. What she was worried about was Kara alerting the group. At 5'5" she could take on one or two vampire hunters without getting herself killed in the process but any more and she would most likely be dead. Not to mention the fact that Kara was one of the toughest hunters around. Tough even by vampire standards. Terry's main weapon would be surprise-if she lost it she would probably end up dead.