Micah took her shopping and to dinner, spending a lot of money on her. She suspected he was trying to show her what it could be like if she agreed to stay with him. She tried not to become too attached but it became increasingly difficult. So Terry did the only thing she knew would work. She ran. She filched fifty bucks from Micah while he slept and snuck out of the house. She let her eyes adjust to the sunlight then began walking to the bus stop. She got a ticket to a city where one of her brother's best friends hunted and didn't look back.

She got to the city an hour later and began looking for somewhere to hang out until nighttime. No vampire would appreciate being awakened during the day. She found a library and pretended to read until the sun set. She walked to the apartment where she and her brother had visited just weeks earlier for a party. There was a party here tonight too. She knocked on the door and a man with white blonde hair and brown eyes immediately answered it.

            "Welcome," he said smoothly before focusing on her.

            "Joel?" she questioned squinting to see into the darkness.

            "Gods, Terry? Is that really you?"

            "Yeah," she replied smiling charmingly, "Can I come in?"

            "Sure, just be careful. No one here would kill you or anything but I know you hate sharing your blood."

            "Sure thing, Joel."

            She stepped into the room and noticed that the group was pretty evenly mixed. About half were vampires and half humans. She saw another vampire she knew and waved. Maggie waved back acting more like a teenager than the fifty year old vampire she was. A dreadlocked vampire came up and introduced himself as Echo. Terry rolled her eyes. A lot of vampires thought they needed a 'cooler' name to start their new life with. Who knew? Maybe it actually did help them let go. Sooner or later you had to either tell your family or let go and most opted to let go. Telling was too risky. Nathan would have had to decide in a few years when their parents began to notice that he wasn't aging.

            "Terry, darling, I didn't know Micah was here tonight," a familiar voice drawled in her ear.

            "Jair," she replied icily, "How are you?"

            "Better than you'll be when he finds out you left," Jair said laughing as if it were a huge joke. He disappeared before she could say anything else. She felt a strong presence behind her. Shit. She dashed toward the door but Micah beat her there.

            "Um…hi Micah," she said with a grimace. He continued giving her a firm look.

            "Is that all you have to say, Terry?" he asked levelly.

            "Well, that and bye…I left you a note."

            "A note. Were you too cowardly to tell me in person?" he asked disappointment clear in his voice.

            "Actually, yeah, I was. I was afraid you'd try to show me how great you are some more."


            "You heard me!"

            "Terry, you sound like a scared little child."

            "Well, maybe you scared me!" she yelled.

            "What the hell's wrong with you? You act like being nice to you is a crime."

            "You are a vampire and you're not particularly nice either. I can feel the death that hangs around you. I never asked for this!"

            "Yes, you did, in your past life."

            "I'm not the same person! That was just a version of me."

            He pulled her toward him and kissed her, ignoring the people staring at them. At first Terry fought against him but soon she was leaning against him unwilling to stop. He finally pulled away, beaming at her.

            "That seems to be the same," he said causing her to blush.

            "Maybe," she replied, struggling to sound calm.

            "Ter, you've got it bad," Maggie said sympathetically.

            "I know. I don't suppose you could get me out of this?"

            "Sorry, girlie, you're on your own on this one."

"Micah, let go of her," Joel said tiredly.

            "She's mine," Micah said glancing at Joel suspiciously.

             "I don't belong to you or anybody else," Terry yelled. Jair sniggered.


            "But nothing."

            "You know this argument is insane, right?" Micah asked.

            "Of course."

            "Just checking." He apparated back to his house with her in his arms.

            "Hey!" she squeaked as he picked her up and carried her into his room.

            "If I don't do this now I may never be able to," he said seriously. Terry's eyes quickly checked for a way out. There was only one door and he was standing between her and it.

            "Micah?" she asked uncertainly. He started to stalk toward her, making her feel like prey. She picked up a book and threw it at his head but he just ignored it. She began to panic and threw anything nearby at him, hoping that something would find its mark. Nothing seemed to faze him. He finally reached her. She was backed into a corner with no hope for escape. He grabbed her shoulders in a gentle but tight grip. Terry fought as hard as she could but soon became exhausted and went slack in his arms. He struck fast, biting into her neck slowly and with as little pain as possible.

            He nearly drained her before he stopped and her veins were on fire. He quickly sliced open his wrist and offered it to her. She really had no choice. He let her mouth fill with blood then ran a finger down her throat so that she was forced to swallow. Terry felt one emotion through it all. Betrayal. She had been betrayed by Micah and would not easily forgive him. He gently laid her on the bed when the traitorous act was done. The transformation would soon begin with the coming of dawn and Terry would be his forever.

"Now we'll live happily ever after," he whispered knowing she could hear him.

Terry had other ideas.

End of First Story

Note from Shadow: Can you all say 'sequel'? Yes, there will be a sequel I just thought this was a story by itself as is her life after she's changed. You guys know how my mind works. I never know what it will do. What do you guys think? R&R