He had his neck exposed to her. She looked at him in complete disgust. The human actually wanted her to bite him. Some people were completely insane.

            "I don't drink human blood," she said in revulsion. He looked at her like she'd said the sky was pink.

            "B-b-b-but you're a vampire," he stammered.


            "You have to drink blood!"

            "True, unfortunately, but not human blood." He sat there like an idiot, trying to take it all in. She stood up and paced the room a couple of times. "How'd you find out?" she asked quietly.


            "How'd you find out about me?" she repeated.

            "A.. a…. guy told me."

            "Who?" she asked coldly. She tried to ignore the pulse she could clearly see in his neck and concentrate on what he was saying. He looked a bit nervous.

            "He was one of you," he answered briefly.

            "A vampire?" she asked tiredly. This conversation was going nowhere. The guy nodded and she walked out of the bar she had been a regular at for almost a year. Keywords: had been. Now that he knew about her she couldn't go back to that place for a while. She was annoyed at whoever had done this. Who would want to pick a fight with her? She came up blank. Vampires usually didn't just do things without a reason. Maybe it was just a young vampire who didn't know the rules. He was lucky she wasn't one of the Vampires who fed on humans. He'd be dead if she were. Of course he could have chosen a gentler vampire. She was one of the meanest who didn't take human blood and everyone else pretty much stayed out of her way-at least until now. She needed to vent some anger so she walked into an alley and began slamming dumpsters around. It barely took any effort for her to make one crash against the building opposite it. She suddenly heard a low chuckling sound from behind her. She spun around. Just what she needed on this fun filled night- Freeda. Freeda was one of the human feeders and although not powerful for one of them, was more powerful than Shada because she drank human blood.

            "Powerful," Freeda commented, "If only you would try human blood."

            "I won't, though," Shada answered.

 The other girl looked at her carefully then came closer. She leaned toward her and whispered, "Find Raven. He will be able to help you."

"Thanks," Shada answered and stalked off into the night. She didn't head for Raven's like the other vampire had suggested. She wasn't that stupid. His crowd was infamously brutal, especially to the weaker of their own kind. She walked instead towards the river where she sometimes liked to hunt. The river was choked and shallow, but it offered strays and other creatures a place to drink and hunt. She wondered if Tigra would be here tonight. She had said last night that she might bring Flame with her. If she'd found food somewhere else, though, she wouldn't show. Dawn would come soon and she'd have to go to her apartment. The myths about vampires turning to dust in the sun might be pure fiction, but vampires were definitely nocturnal creatures and, being such, were very sensitive to sunlight. Five minutes in it could give them a sunburn that most humans would have to sit out hours to obtain. Shada smelled- if you could call it smelling- another vampire nearby. It was most definitely not Tigra or Flame. She crept towards where she felt the presence coming from. What she saw caught her completely off guard. A circle of very powerful vampires-obviously they'd been shielding their powers- snarled at one in the middle. Shada risked rising from her hiding place to see who was about to be slain. Dusk stood there, bleeding from several wounds. Shada had met Dusk many years ago when she was still human. He had warned her about their kind hunting her but she had been too naïve to listen. She had paid dearly for her stupidity. One of them spotted her and alerted the others, but she no longer cared. 

"What are you doing here?" she snarled at the one who seemed to be in charge.

"None of your business," another answered.

"Well, you see, that's not exactly true. I have hunted here for too long to have you people try to take my hunting ground now. You'll have to fight for it." One of them chuckled and stepped towards her. She jumped to meet him. Her reflexes were quicker than his and her mind was much stronger. From the beginning he had no chance. Her eyes flashed from blue to green to black as she fought all of them. All but one, that is. He stood to the side watching as if this were all being done for his amusement. Since he made no move to attack, Shada left him alone. When she was done she walked over to Dusk, gripped his arm firmly and pulled him to his feet. "Be more careful next time," she said quietly, "I will not risk my life (or state of being undead, whichever you prefer) for you again."