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"We can't hide forever!" she exclaimed angrily. They'd been hiding for a little over two weeks in the crowded house, and the emotional temperature was high. Blaze knew it was partly because she'd shown an unwanted vulnerability to him. Her instincts couldn't accept it and told her to reassert her façade if she wanted to live.

            "We can, and we will!" Blaze answered. He'd also noticed that lately her eyes held the anger that made them turn so blue they seemed black more often than before. He was worried about her. As soon as he could get a normal life for her he would. Maybe then she'd calm down. As it was, she was dangerous. Who exactly she posed the danger to was debatable.

            "I'm sick of you trying to run my life! You're not my father or my sire; you have no claim on me!" she yelled. He winced as her voice carried around the room. It grated on his nerves like sandpaper.

            "Quit being an ungrateful little bitch! I could have left you to die long ago," he said almost immediately regretting his choice of words.

            "Bastard! I don't have to take this. You can go screw yourself for all I care!" she walked toward the door. The entire house seemed to shake. Blaze was angry, but he didn't really want her to die. He actually cared about her. He stepped in front of the door and grabbed her arms.

            She looked up into his eyes and felt like she was caught. Blaze felt the same pull and lowered his head so that their lips were almost touching.

            "We shouldn't so this," she whispered. She felt like she had to say it. Maybe she'd read to many love stories and poems when she was still human. They were a useless cliché now. The words meant little to either of them. He pressed his lips to hers uncertainly until he realized she wouldn't pull away or hit him. He continued to kiss her for a minute before he pulled away. He felt nervous and triumphant at the same time.

            "That was interesting," he said hugging her to his chest hoping she wouldn't pull away.

            "Yes, that it was," Shada said smiling. It had been very nice. She wouldn't really mind doing it more often as long as he promised not to cut her. That thought brought her back to reality more than any other could have. This wasn't a normal guy. She couldn't afford to allow herself to become attached to him just to have him betray her. She decided to think about it later.

            "So, what do you think about Florida?" he asked pulling her closer. She made a disgusted face.

            "Too much sun."

            "Exactly," he answered beginning to develop his plan to give her a normal life more fully.

            "What're you planning, Blaze?" she asked looking into his eyes suspiciously. He kissed her forehead and smiled deviously.

            "How to get you into my bed," he said smirking lecherously.

He felt her stiffen and pull out of his arms. She looked a little bit freaked out by the suggestion. Oh shit, he thought. She had her back turned to him pretending to look out the window.

"At a much later date when we're both ready, of course," he added hastily. He cursed himself for once again forgetting how much older he was and how much they'd disliked each other until recently.

"Really?" she asked turning to face him again. He nodded seriously. She relaxed again and sat next to him. He noticed that she put a bit of distance between them, though. "I just can't trust you yet, Blaze. You know that."

"Yeah, I guess," he said. He remembered the taste of her blood and couldn't help thinking that it was probably worth the temporary chilliness he'd have to endure.

"So, what were you saying about that horrid Florida?"