his piercing blue eyes and virgin skin
and shock of dark black hair
a spirit bird, to wind ensured.
to seek a maiden fair

he searches high, he searches low
for a glimpse of her liquid dark eyes
a touch of her lips, the taste of her kiss
will this gypsy he ever surmise?

her hair is black, like roses
her skin, pale russian snow
and she, alas, is searching
for one whom her heart will know

with indigo eyes and raven's wing hair
and softness of night's love: evening
he searches along the dull gray streets
for his color-clad gypsy, hark'ning

with eyes like rain and skin as dawn
the white sky before color's breath
she met his gaze, a silvery faun,
her lily face pale as death

green pools of watery darkness
swirled with indigo dye
met and held and seemed to caress
with passion's heated sigh

petals of lust and petals of love
blooming redly deep within
in glorious light from the morning above
and the kiss of fate's gaping grin