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Boston, Massachusetts, in my room

November 5, 1773

Dear Little Book,

I have never had a diary before, so I suppose I should tell you about myself first. My name is Noelle Gresham and I’m almost 15 years old. I have green eyes and horridly straight brown hair. My mother was a beauty (She passed during my birth), with gold hair, a perfect figure, and clear blue eyes. I suppose I have her nose, a small, rather childish nose I think, but nothing else. There are pictures of Madelyn Gresham, my mother, in the halls of my home. I live with my father, Mark Gresham, here in Boston. He is a kind man and I love him dearly. Though his heart is in the right place, he sometimes is very interfering. Many say you could not tell us apart. This is rather distressing for he is a man of 49 and I a girl of 15! Surely some difference is necessary, right? Anyway, back on with the introduction. I received you from my beloved father.

He made quite a big deal about it, saying, “Times are rough, Noelle. You must record the present. I can feel it in my bones, something is going to happen. The British are becoming harsher and we, more rebellious. You must record the happenings for the future generations, every detail most not be forgotten!â€