What goes on when a dragon and a princess meet

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: PG-13
Type: Static Item: Short Story
Genre(s): Fantasy, Mythology, Satire

It was within the middle of the dark ages and a lone
figure was standing on the balcony of a castle,for she
was trying to determine what to do with the rest of
her life.
Her name was Princess Denise--and unknown to her,she
was about to recieve an unusual visitor--a scally one.

The dragon known as Baloga had landed behind
Denise--and had placed his opened jaws over her head.
"So,you're finally here.",said a sad-faced
Denise."Well,if you're going to do the job,you might
as well get it over with."
Then,after he had lifted his head away from Denise's,a
confused Baloga asked,"Are you sure about that?"
"Yes.",answered Denise,while she looked at the
beautiful sunset.
"Don't you want anything before I do the job?",asked
Baloga,while raising his scally hand to her in
friendship."A glass of water?"
"No thanks.",answered a saddened Denise.
"A glass of chocolate milk,maybe?",asked a puzzeled
"No,thank you.",answered Denise,after she had taken a
deep breath."Look.Just do it.Okay?"
"Ovalteen?",asked a sad-eyed Baloga.
"Oh,shit!",said an upset Denise."Are you going to do
the damn freaking job,or feed me some more bullshit?"
Then,after a short pause,Baloga had taken a deep
breath and said,"Ah,man!I've had enough of this
shit!I'm out of here!"
But then,just as soon as he had flown away,Denise had
looked up at the stary-sky,smiled and said,"What a
stupid dumb-ass!"
Which,of course,goes to prove that in any century,the
words of P.T. Barnum are still true--"There's a sucker
born every minute."