The sounds of a chopper scouring the city of Eden could be heard above. It buzzed around the towering skyscrapers of the city in search of weeds in their ‘perfect garden’ a spotlight was used to scour the dark alleyways where they usually hid; even though the sun was barely setting. On the sidewalk of Raphael Avenue walked a young woman of the age of twenty, returning home from work to her little run down apartment.

She walked briskly, fumbling with her keys as she did looking up occasionally to see where she was going. The sun was setting quickly and her home was merely a block away. She muttered some curse as she dropped her keys in her effort to find the right one to her apartment; she stooped to pick it up, jet-black hair moving slightly as she did as if it was weighted down. When she stood back up with the right copper key in her hand she came face to shoulder with a man in a uniform. A rather untidy green uniform, his face was rough with unshaven stubble and the slight scent of alcohol radiated off of him.

“Excuse me…â€