Theoretical Physics

Physics is a Noble Science---
The chaste theories resembling
Unblackened heart, unknown to the toxicating
Air…they are simply soft and
Refreshed by soft blue blood,
Unoxidize Purity:
When cut open---splintered
But the anger of Necessity and
Dried to crimson, the
Sunset paring proposed
"truth" from
the singular starkness of

In the realm of the
Written word: the scrawlings,
Neither to prove
Or disprove,
Sun-sparred eyes poignantly
Dazzled by "maybe"…
And the words are what matter. They do in the end,
The components of explanations
And apologies and never
The Numbers but the Words…

And keep it bound to the
Infinite Paper.
Lovely: like History recorded
In the deeds of men, in the legible figures,
The blinds drawn on the
Hawking streets below…
Worlds of Paris,
Or Berlin,
Copenhagen or---Los Alamos

The gallantry
Of the intangible! The life-work of
Names not produced attached only to Movements
And Universities and

At the Ultimate findings and the
Soiled-now theories, children
Pushed to adult-hood, and the Blinds are drawn again
As the sun dawns uncontrollably