The Historical Significance In First-Period Math

Does he speak of Egyptians
To Cater only: because I mentioned
Antiquity in
Thought? Sketched suns and
"the measurement of shadows."
(As I can tell)
Finds no poetry in mathematics
He has Something
Relevant to
That is the Crux of it.
No one else may know the
Egyptians and Greeks
Were Sailors and "measured shadows" to
Become so, nor
He, with gnomon and
Sword in
Rust and Ages with Time
As a sundial.
He relates
Figures that do
Not change (unlike the Words, which he finds no use for. He has Something to say, after all)
that, in relating,
He in his tie and
Collared shirt that ancient Warrior,
As clichéd…

In May…it is cold,
An unfamiliar wind chill
In his
Close-fitted doorway of
Numbers and Ancient-crafted Steps to
Discern time and where the Earth
May be around the Sun,
His literal language
And the historical significance
Of algebraic advancement.
On the chalk-dusted
He comes to the Egyptian
Pharaoh…Greek General,
The physicality
Of flag-pole shadows, and
In that
Enthusiasm…New Antiquities