The long night approaches dawn. A blood-red moon hangs low over the

horizon. Craggy peaks jut out of the frigid landscape, obscuring portions of the

lunar surface and creating a vaguely demonic visage. The mountains are worn

and aged by countless aeons of erosion, and silence reigns over the evil land,

swallowing all sound into its ravenous maw. The distant mountains stretch

skywards towards the bleeding stars, claws of the demon tearing into the fabric

of space. Between two spires rises the bloated sun.

This is the last sunrise. Ice that condensed over the long night burst into

gas, the demon’s scream echoing across the corrupted vista. Reddish-black

dust begins to obscure the demonic facade as a massive storm, stirred by the

solar wind. Hours past as the dying star skirts the horizon, before dipping below

the mountains to begin another centuries-long night.

Eternity is at hand. Already, the sun is in its final death throes, but it will

never be seen. The entire planet enters into permanent darkness as the sun

fades to a dull red, then brown, then black, and collapses into itself. Millennia

pass as the planet slowly circles the dead star. The demon’s face is dark,

blotting out some of the stars as it crosses the sky.

Only starlight illuminates the landscape now, and the mountains are the

only thing that can be made out. Empires rise, empires fall, species evolve and

go extinct, but the planet continues its trek around the desolate star. Slowly,

slowly, its orbit is deteriorating, the massive gravity of the star pulling it to its

doom. As the universe approaches entropy and death, the planet falls into the

event horizon.