Author's Note: These characters DO belong to me, so please don't steal them! Thank you! :) I based them all on people that I actually know. I know I'm not the best author in the world, and you don't have to remind me, but I'd appreciate it if you reviewed my story and told me what you thought of it!! :)


John Plye - 18 year old guy, brown hair, hazel eyes, future senior in high school, 5'10", started it all

Tiffany Skytel - 16 year old girl, brown haired, blue eyed, future junior in high school, 5'5", mature for her age

Kimberly Skytel - 13 year old girl, brown haired, green eyed, future 8th grader, 5'4", baby of the group

Stephen Cole - 19 year old guy, blond haired, blue eyed, high school grad, 5'7", keeps everyone sane

Jake Dubbs - 18 year old guy, light brown hair, green eyes, high school grad, 5'9", the shy sweetheart

Caleb & Luke Dubbs - 15 year old identical twins, light brown hair, hazel eyes, future sophomores in high school, 5'8", typical guys

Logan Walker - 15 year old guy, brown haired, green eyed, future sophomore in high school, 5'9", hilarious clown

Megan Malone - 15 year old girl, brown haired, brown eyed, future sophomore in high school, 5'2", absolutely adorable

Haven Kelly - 16 year old girl, brown haired, hazel eyed, future junior in high school, 5'4", the one everyone is unsure about

Nathan Wiles - 15 year old guy, blond haired, green eyed, future sophomore in high school, 5'5", short and sweet

Joseph Stookbury - 18 year old guy, brown haired, brown eyed, future senior in high school, 6'0", tough football player

Stacie Carlin - 19 year old girl, red haired, green eyed, high school grad, 5'3", perfect angel

Stewart Carlin - 18 year old guy, brown haired, brown eyed, future senior in high school, 5'8", life lover

Jayne Cerard - 17 year old girl, light brown hair, blue-green eyes, future senior in high school, 5'4", fun and crazy

Fifteen teenagers are on the biggest adventure of their lives.

  Chapter 1:

"We are so out of here," Stacie Carlin said excitedly while putting a suitcase in the back of their fifteen-passenger van.

"This is going to be the most awesome experience of my life," 16 year old Tiffany Skytel said with a fluster. "And I know we owe it all to you, John."

"Thank you, thank you," John took a humorous bow. "But I'm more than happy to bring all of you with me. How could I let thousands of dollars sit around in the bank?"

"But, seriously, John, this was an awesome idea to use all your money on." Haven Kelly piped up.

"Well, when you say all your money you mean it. I was only planning on taking 4 or 5 people, but Jake, Caleb, and Luke just made it a chain reaction." John eyed the three brothers. "It's cool though."

"Hey, you said to invite whoever we wanted," Jake Dubbs reminded John. "And Tiffany invited Stacie and Stewart, and they invited Stephen, Logan, and Jayne..."

John Plye had won a $50,000 sweepstakes before the beginning of the summer and decided to treat his friends to a road trip around the world.

"Get in, guys," Stephen Cole said, touching Tiffany on the shoulder absent-mindedly. "I'm driving."

"Aww, man, why do we always get stuck with you driving?" Tiffany said jokingly.

"First stop, John?" Stewart Carlin asked.

"St. Louis!"


Nine hours later, 15 year old Megan Malone groaned. "I am so tired, you guys," she strained. "Stephen, let's stop somewhere before I fall asleep on Logan."

"I don't know what that was supposed to mean..." Logan Walker said.

"Yeah, don't worry Meg, we are. I'm just looking for a good hotel."

"I didn't know a trip to St. Louis was so long," Jayne said.

"Yeah," Tiffany replied. "It's about 13 hours, but at least we won't have that much farther to go tomorrow."

"Here we are, guys," Stephen called back. "Get whatever you need and let's haul it in there. Joseph, will you go get our rooms?"


" many do we need?" Tiffany asked.

Stacie counted. "It looks like we'll need five, babe," Stacie told Joseph, who was her boyfriend of 8 months.

"Gotcha." Joseph climbed out and everyone else soon followed.

"Jayne, I think me, you, and Megan should be together." Tiffany said to her best friend.

"Okay, I'll stick with Haven and Kimberly," Stacie said.

"Logan and Nathan are with me," Stewart spoke up.

"Alright, John, Jake, and Caleb can be together and that leaves me, Joseph, and Luke with a room." Stephen finalized.

Joseph stepped away from the desk and gave each group a key. "Rooms 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, and 216," he said with a smile.

That night Megan, Jayne, and Tiffany's room was somehow filled with guy talk...

"So, Megan, you and Logan seemed pretty close there in the backseat," Jayne teased.

"What? Jayne!" Megan cried.

"C'mon, Megan, you know he's cute," Tiffany mentioned.

"Yeah, and you know who else is? Stephen." Megan stuck her tongue out at Tiffany.

Tiffany rolled her eyes. "You are so immature," she said playfully.


The next morning, Jake got up a little early and went on a walk around the hotel. After about 5 minutes, he was surprised to see Tiffany walking towards him. "Hi," she said.

"Hey," he replied with a shy smile.

"Great minds think alike, huh?" Tiffany cracked. "I was just going to walk down the street and get some donuts for everybody when they wake up. Wanna come?"

"Sure," Jake said. I guess I never realized how cute she is, he thought to himself.

"You like donuts?" Tiffany said for lack of other conversation. She supressed a smile.

Jake laughed. "I sure do." He felt himself coming out of his shell now.

Tiffany seemed to be taking in all the sounds, sights, and feelings of the quiet morning in a little town outside Memphis, Tennessee. That was something Jake had noticed about her--she always tried to enjoy every moment of her life. "I've never been to St. Louis," she suddenly said. "Have you?"

"No," Jake replied. He said with a laugh, "I don't get out much--there's a lot of places I haven't been."

"Me too!" Tiffany said.

The couple was walking by a gas station and the donut shop was not far in the distance when a man wearing black, who looked about 25, ran out of the station. He saw the two and looked shocked that someone was out there for a split second but then pulled out a small handgun and pointed it at them. "Don't move!" He shouted.

Tiffany froze. She couldn't have moved if she wanted to. But when the man ran across the parking lot, got in his large truck and didn't even bother waiting for Jake or Tiffany to move out of the way, she screamed. Jake was a good enough distance away from Tiffany and got out of the way, but Tiffany didn't have enough time to completely retreat to safety. The left corner of the flying truck brushed against her and she was blown to the pavement.

Jake quickly ran over, praying she wasn't unconscious. He saw that she wasn't when he reached her. She lay on the ground catching her breath. "Are you okay? Should I go call someone?" Jake asked her softly. "I can't believe that guy, there was no reason for that..." he said angrily, but trailed off.

"No, it's alright, I'm fine," Tiffany said as he helped her up. She winced and groaned and leaned sideways on him.

"You're not fine," he said as he held her so she would stay still.

"Jake! Tiffany?!" They heard. Stephen ran over and rubbed Tiffany's back as he knelt down. She pulled away from Jake and let him hold her. "What happened, you guys?" He asked, concerned.

Jake explained everything and then the two guys helped Tiffany stand up and they supported her on both sides. When they were almost to the hotel Tiffany collapsed, crying not from pain but from frustration. "I'm sorry, guys," she managed. "This bruise is too fresh or something." She showed them a huge black and purple bruise spotted with cuts on her side.

Jake flinched. "Tiffany, I'm so sorry."

She shook her head. "It's okay..." Jake picked her up and he carried her the rest of the way. He seemed to gloat over carrying Tiffany back and Stephen kept rubbing her back trying to keep her comfortable, but Tiffany was not merely enjoying all the attention, she was angry at herself for letting all this happen. Her personality didn't accept it.


Chapter 2 coming soon…