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 Chapter 2:

 Back at the hotel, the rest of the group was packed into Stewart, Logan, and Nathan's room.

 "Nathan, you are such a pig," Kimberly said as she threw one of his t-shirts into a case off the bed so she could sit down.

 "Where are they?" Luke asked. "It's almost ten o'clock."

 "Stephen's looking for them," Stacie reminded.

 "He'll find them," Jayne assured those that didn't know him well.

 "I wonder why Jake went out with her anyway," Haven said, obviously a little jealous.

 "They weren't going out," John said.

 "They just went for a walk," Megan rolled her eyes.

 Right then Stephen burst the door open and Jake entered with Tiffany in his arms. Jayne gasped. "Tiffany, you'd better tell me you're alright!"

 "Don't worry about me," Tiffany said.

 "What happened?" Caleb asked.

 "We'll just say that Tiffany and I had an adventure," Jake said as he set the petite girl down.

 "And Tiff was paralyzed in the process?" Stacie said, slightly annoyed.

 "Do we need to go back home?" Joseph spoke up.

 "Guys! Don't be ridiculous! I'll be good as new in a couple of days!" Tiffany protested.

 "She's right, guys, let's not take this out of proportion. Now get ready, we were supposed to be on the road a half-hour ago!" Stephen pepped.

 "Thank you, Stephen," Tiffany said humbly. She smiled. "I've always liked you.

 He gave her a gentle hug. "I know you, babe."


 Six hours later, Stephen was checking into a really nice hotel in St. Louis. "You okay?" He asked as Tiffany limped up to where he was.

 "Fine," she said. "I needed some exercise after sitting around so long."

 Jayne came up and grabbed a key from Stephen. "Come on, Tiffy," she put a helpful arm around Tiffany. "Stephen, we're all going to go freshen up and then meet back down in the lobby to figure out what we're doing for the evening. Okay?"

 "Sure." Jayne and Tiffany got in the elevator with Megan and the three of them went up to their room together.

 Not too much later, all fifteen of the teens were back down in the lobby.

 "I'm starving," John said.

 "Me too," Joseph chimed in.

 "Of course you are…you always are!" Haven exclaimed.

 "Look, Joseph and I are going out to dinner!" John announced with a grin.

 "Well, I'm coming with you." Megan said.

 Logan's eyes lit up. "Me too!"

 Over in a corner of the room, Stewart was persuading Jayne. "I want you to go out with me tonight," he was saying.

 "Stewart, it's over between us. It was over a long time ago."

 "But, please, it's just tonight! I'll even get another person to go with us."

 "Alright, alright. Tiffany can," Jayne said. "It'll just be like the three of us hanging out again." Stewart, Jayne, and Tiffany were already a close group of friends.

 "Fine," Stewart said. "Let's go get her."

 But, when the two had told Tiffany what was going on, she said, "sorry guys, I've already made plans for tonight." She hesitated for just a second. "Sorry."

 Jake stood, not really talking to anybody. Caleb looked at him. There was no doubt some jealousy in his brothers' eyes as he looked at Stephen and Tiffany, sitting close next to each other. Caleb couldn't blame him. Their whole family thought she was special. But to Caleb it seemed like they carried on a brother/sister relationship. Yet still, he didn't know Stephen all that well and definitely was not sure. "Everybody come here for a second!" Stephen called. "I should have thought of this earlier, but if we're all going to go separate places, we need to rent a few cars. Let's all get in the van and drive to the airport."

 "Good thinking," Stewart complimented.

 30 minutes later everyone was crowded around a rental car desk in the St. Louis airport. "We need four cars that we can drive anywhere in the country," Stephen was saying to the woman.

 "What kind? The woman said in a squeaky voice.

 "Any kind," he said, "compact cars are fine, too. I'd just rather not have any huge SUVs or vans."

 "We have a silver Honda Civic, a black F-250 extended cab, a red Mazda Protégé, and an olive green Kia Sportage here. Is that alright?"

 "Sure, that's fine."

 "I get the Sportage," Tiffany whispered. Stephen gave her an amused look. "You can't drive for another few days, hot shot," he said.

 "Who said? Don't worry, Daddy, I'm a big girl now," Tiff said playfully.

 The woman behind the desk gave Stephen the keys and told him where the cars were parked, and the teens were once again on their way. "I'll keep driving the van for tonight, Joseph, you take the truck, Stewart take the Protégé, Stacie take the Civic, and Jake take the Sportage." He handed them a set of keys.

 "But—" Tiffany started to whine.

 "Now, now, you heard what I said in there," Stephen hugged Tiffany's neck. "You can come with me if you want."

 "May I at least ride in the Sportage, Father?" Tiffany said with a smile.

 Stephen laughed. "Of course. Everybody get in with the group you want to go with," Stephen said. "You're going with us, right, Jake?"

 "Yup," Jake said as he got in the driver's seat. "I'll follow you!" He called.

 Tiffany half-hopped, half-painfully stumbled into the front seat. She flashed Jake a triumphant smile. "Let's go, home fry."

 Jake laughed and started the engine.


 Luke was about to gag after being around Stephen and Tiffany's flirty antics. He really wasn't into all that romance stuff. But it looked as if he couldn't get away from it. Joseph kept making "I love you" sign language signs out the window to Stacie all the way down the highway. And she responded.

 "Give it a rest already!" Nathan said from the backseat. "You guys are pathetic." He couldn't keep from laughing, though.

 Joseph, Stacie, Luke, Nathan, Kimberly, Haven, and John were getting chicken and going to a park for their dinner. After the truck and the Civic had been through Hardee's, they both pulled in a gravel parking lot and the seven teens got out.

 "I'm not hungry," Haven said.

  Don't be so sad

 He wouldn't want it that way

 He wouldn't want it that way…

 Haven walked down to a nearby lake and just looked out at the water. Why did I agree to go on this stupid trip? She wondered. She had seen Tiffany with Jake more than once on this trip. There is no doubt that I like him, she thought some more. What's he doing with her anyway? She can't do anything for him. She was frustrated.

 "Haven!" John called as he walked up. "What are you doing out here? You could at least talk with the rest of the group. Is something wrong?"

 "It's okay," she said. "I just wanted to spend some time by myself."

 "Oh. Sorry." And he left.

 Lost the number

 Lost your mind?

 In the dark, biting time

 Same old story

 Same old story…

 Desperate measures for lonely times

 Turn your back on love's pure light

 Same old story

 Same old story…


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 He was attracted to her. He wondered why he never had been until now.


 "You two should not be in here alone!" She snapped. She then got up again and pushed Tiffany into the wall. Tiffany groaned and grabbed her side.

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