A/N: This happened…I wrote it in the library, watching the guy I like, and basically, it's exactly what the guy was doing. I sort of just translated it to words. Fun, heh?

Watching "Barry" In The Library

When quiet is recommended
Your laugh carries careful
Weight and significance. Here I sit and
Know Things that may be
Added windows
Lend to Sunlight, you
Suspect as much.
Or I do. I shall
Suspect and you will affirm,
As it has
Always been. Tho'
Only one affirmation
Has been

He laughs more than you
Seem to, darling. He is taller,
And most everyone
Tells me I am wasting my
What else shall I do?
You keep your eye color, you
Keep the hues of
Your skin and your open
Gaze, sensuous-constructed
Mouth, how lovely
And he laughs more.
You---smiling towards him (at-him)
For a young man,
He has
Salt-and-pepper hair tho' it shines
In the dimmed light of the
Musty Quiet, and his
Eyes stay the same color
As well.

I lie about why I do come.
I am here to watch
You perhaps you watch
Him. Whether I watch
Either makes absolutely no
Difference because you
Have him and
I do somewhat. The
Comfortable quiet of
Drowsy students
And rustled pages haloes
Your shapely
Head your Roman nose
Your constant eyes and your
Opulent smile.


To say how love breeds in
Hopelessness would be clichéd
And you would
Understand each word as
You stare at him. Entering
Grades and laughing at
Awkward phrases and I
Run out
With the tone knowing
That you would understand,

If I myself