A thick dark blue folder sat on his desk. **V. IMPORTANT ~ SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES for BATTLE ROYALE 2002. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED Information. The tantalizing words had been scribbled on a yellow post-it in bold black ink, stuck in the middle of the blue folder.

President Sun Kae Hung picked up the folder, flipped it open and ran his eyes over a document which had neatly printed out the fates of 42 girls…


*final details confirmed. Not subject to further change unless absolutely necessary.*

Class selected for Investigation: Secondary 3G3, Crescent Girls' School.

Brief Summary of Selected Class:

42 students of average 15 years of age studying Biology, Chemistry, History, Literature, Additional Maths and other core subjects. Teacher in charge of class Ms Lew Cheng Cheng [6 months pregnant at time of printing].

Analysis of Class:

[Courtesy of Dr. William Son Ph.D.]

*Summarized. Original full-length copy attached to back for reference*

"In the seven months I have been given by the government to access and compile a report of the class of SECONDARY 3G3 I have come to a conclusion that the class is ideal for your planned 'BATTLE ROYALE' experiment.

…I have observed that the class in question has many interesting personalities with strong and distinct characters. There are without a doubt, many individuals in this class [unusually high number of DOMINANT, LEADER and GURU type personalities]. Using the class for your project will no doubt yield interesting finds and greatly benefit your research because of the remarkably diverse characters I discerned from this class. They shall no doubt make very interesting specimens for you and your superiors'…" ~ Dr William Son Ph.D.

Sun Kae Hung flipped through the rest of the folder. Facts, figures flew past his eyes. Details, details…he thought lazily. He stopped at a particular page.

The class register. Ah-ha…he sat up and polished his glasses. The lucky few, he thought wryly.

1. Charlotte Choo

2. Elaine Ho Jean

3. Lim Yan Ming

4. Ariyani Sanwari

5. Ooi Lee Mei

6. Pow Siok Kee

7. Premanjali Kuperan [Anjali]

8. Priya Shandhini

9. Puan Xinxian

10. Sylvia Quek

11. Rachel Tay

12. Ramesh Nina

13. Rasitha Barwin

14. Sarah-ann Tay

15. Say Kin Sing

16. Melissa Seck

17. Charmaine Sen

18. Shahirah Ansari

19. Siti Fatimah

20. Siti Hairin

21. Tamara Soh

22. Zealyn Soh

23. Sung Fang Yu

24. Syazwani Roslan

25. Jeanne Tai

26. Justina Tan

27. Sherry Tan

28. Tan Wei Jing [Amanda]

29. Elaina Teng

30. Teo Qiao Lin

31. Gwendolyn Teong [Gwen]

32. Tham Yue Hao

33. Tham Yue You

34. Thiviya Nair

35. Tjokarfa Clarissa Karolyn [Clarissa]

36. Sarah Toh

37. Vickneshswari D/O Vijayakumar [Viki]

38. Wu Shan

39. Cherryn Yap

40. Edina Yong

41. Zhao Xiaoqing

42. Zuliawati Suhod

The fun was just about to begin…Sun Kae Hung laughed.