And Death...

Notes: Ack! I cannot end this thing properly! Out of about seven different ending lines, this is the best, and it's still horribly cheesy! *Sigh* Ah, well... *Cough* Yes, their conversation is a bit unhinged, but one of 'em is dying; whaddaya expect? Heh... Mine, only mine, and not yours.



Ah! It seems I could make an extremely lewd and lecherous comment, but I'll refrain, as you seem not in the mood.

You're being silly...

You don't say - now, what is this? Why do you cry? Wherefor doth the angel weep tears of golden mourning?

You... You're...

Go ahead, love. I'm what?

You'll be fine, won't you?

Well... Care for you deeply though I may, and I do, I am quite thouroughly exasperated at you now. Never lie, love, especially not to yourself.

You're... dying, then?

Indeed I am, love, but what is death but a quiet walk through the valley of the shadow of death? Come now, no tears. Give me your hand.

You're so thin...

Death has a way to starve his chosen. A cruel master, Death. And a master to all of mankind he is...

No! No, you--

Hush, love, let me wax poetic for a while, so that my final words may actually be worthwhile.

You can't die! I won't allow it!

You forbid me to die? Well... Then I shan't greet my master with open arms, but he will still take me, love. Not even you can change that.

Love... love goes beyond death.

A romantic tale, my darling, nothing more. "Shush, I'm dying. O, heavens do cry! The loved one hath concolation." I'll be safe, love. Don't you worry.

... Wait for me? On the other side?

Till Paradise falls down around my ears, love, and your fellow angels crash in flames. Yes, I'll wait. Even till Doomsday, if it should come.

I love you.

I know, dear, from your eyes, and I love you, too. Why that look? Did you ever doubt? I may not have said it, but love you I do. Hold me, love. Come closer and wrap your arms around me... Ah!

I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to--

No, don't let go! The pain means nothing, my angel. Hold me closer. I do not wish to die alone, all alone.

I'll never leave you.

But alas, I'm leaving you, and I haven't much say in the matter. And soon, you, going on living, will only vaguely remember me as your first love, the boy with the silver eyes... Hold me! My master nears.

I won't forget, I won't! I love you!

So you tell me, love. Farewell, then, angel. Sprout your wings, one day, and find me...

No... No! Wait for me! I will find you! Wait for me...