I love you in a lot of ways,
Ways nobody else can describe.
Only I will ever know,
This feeling I have inside.

Which is why I will try,
To figure out,
The way I love you.

There are a thousand ways to say I love you,
I still only know a few.
I can tell you,
Write it in a poem,
Or even show you how I feel...

I love the way you stare at me,
And the way when I look back you laugh.

I love the way you smile,
And whenever I'm down,
You can always cheer me up!

I love the way you say sorry,
for the silliest of things.

I love the way when I see you,
You are the only one I see.

I love the way I can't stop thinking about you,
Even when I try.

I love it when you hold me tight,
And make me feel like nothing will harm me.
When I am in your arms,
Just you feeling me,
Gives me shivers all over.

I can tell you, or show you.
But right now I write to you,
Just to tell you that I LOVE YOU!
And nothing will ever change the way I feel.

When I am all alone at night,
And have nothing else to do,
All I have to think about,
Is how I am in love with you.