((A/N I came up with this because I was completely bored in Design and Technology. What do you think?))

The street was mostly dark, lit only by the yellow glow of streetlamps. The air was still, warm and lightly scented by honeysuckle and magnolia. They sky was clouded, with only a few stars fighting their way through the gloom.

They party of students laughed and chattered their way back to their respective houses; most of them were drunk to a degree, and merry.

That is why they did not notice the dark figure slipping out of a side road and moving up slowly behind them.

One of the students was slowly decreasing their pace, the face turning pale.

Abruptly, they stopped, bent over a wall and vomited. The dark shadow crept closer, and hovered, anticipating.

A glint of light on a knife blade was the only warning. It flashed out and plunged into the stalking shadow.

The night seemed to harden, before a soft cloud of multi-coloured dust sifted down through the air where the figure had been, before it dispersed. All oblivious to his averted fate, the student stood and started to stagger away.

As the group moved on, and their noise faded into the distance, she stepped out from the shadows.

Her hair was jet black, her eyes dark and unfathomable. She was dressed archaically in a tunic, leggings and a dark cloak. The blade, still in her hand, gleamed glassily in the feeble light. A scar ran down the left side of her face, starting high on her forehead, passing down between her eyes, over her nose, before curving down under her mouth.

Obsidian she was named, named after the blade that she carried. Her existence was suspected, but never confirmed, like those she hunted.

She preyed on the darkness of the mind, for in this town, nightmares came to life. Your worst fears, and darkest secrets made flesh.