The sun was sinking below the horizon, turning the sky orange and pink in dusky shades. In a copse of trees, Obsidian emerged. The night hunter stepped forward, seeking her prey.

Her senses were alert as the stalked through the streets of the town, keeping to the shadows. She was aware of the presence of the nightmares, feeling them like grease over her skin. They waited for someone to give them physical form. Obsidian knew from experience who would be the ones to give the nightmares life. Alcohol blurred the lines between reality and fantasies, letting the mind roam loose and unfettered.

The air almost hummed as she approached the pub. Spirits clustered tightly around, seeking entrance, seeing life.

Obsidian waited. It was something that she was practised at. People going too and fro passed within metres of her, but she escaped unnoticed. Again, it was something that she was practised at.

A howl cut the air like a knife. Obsidian spun, knife flashing out as she tried to locate the direction and location. Somewhere close to the park she guessed, and set out at a run, boots pounding on the ground.

A scream rent the air and Obsidian cursed and increased her pace.

She did not hesitate at the low fence and hurdled it easily, landing cat like before breaking into her run again.

She found a woman cornered by a slavering horror. Black pelted, with shadowy wings, its yellow fangs dripped blood and saliva and its hot breath blasted in her face, redolent of carrion.

The woman looked paralysed, her eyes fixed on the flaring red eyes of the creature. The creature crouched, ready to leap forward and sink its teeth into the meat of her throat, but Obsidian was there.

Her glass blade slashed out, biting with ease into flesh. A gush of foul blood spilled over Obsidians hands, but she kept her stroke true. The creature’s eyes dulled, before the baleful red glow was extinguished, and the eyes turned as black as coal.

The woman let out a sob, freed from her paralysis. Obsidian turned. A brief smile flickered over her scarred features.

“You’re safe now.â€