Half an hour left in here,
Nothing left to do,
Except perhaps to mope around
And think about you.

I know it wasn't you who left,
I know that it was me;
But it wasn't my choice, and I didn't know
What the consequence would be.
I remember how you used to laugh,
The way you used to smile...
How great it was to be with you,
If only for a while.

You had confidence in me,
Even from the start,
And it wasn't just
Because I was smart...
That was what most people
Cared most about,
But not you--you never had
So much as a doubt
About me.

Twenty minutes left in here,
Still nothing to do,
But sulk about everything in life,
Muse on about you.

I loved your spirit
So wild and true--
You could pull me out of
The bluest of moods.
I was eager to know you,
Eager to love,
So sure this was a gift
From God above.

I don't know about that,
But now you're gone--
I guess my "blessing"
Just turned out all wrong.
I'm not over you yet
(My heart is still stained);
I think time is the only
Cure for this pain
About me.

Just ten minutes left in here,
Nothing yet to do...
Nothing but to go to sleep,
Try not to think about you.

Author's Notes: This isn't really my best work, in my opinion--mostly due to the fact that I wrote it 1st period in creative writing class (which I hate...don't even ask). If you want something better to read...look under "Recommended Reading" in my profile and I'll have some suggestions. Don't overlook the bio, it's got important information in it sometimes!! ^_^ Just a reminder. Getting back to the poem...
Obviously I was waiting for the class to be over. This was actually an assignment, but I didn't finish copying it to the final draft in pen before the class ended so I got a late grade and "(check)OK" GOD HOW I HATE THAT!! *erhem* Anywho, um...so I guess she didn't get the message that I hate her stupid class. I think the little backplot of this poem (like the term? *g*) reflects that a lot, but not if you don't understand the situation. So not much more to say there, um...the rhyme scheme is pretty obvious and the repetition (with different meanings) of the words "about me" and "left" are intentional. Just about any repetition in this poem you find has some significance, so check it out if you like. If not, it doesn't make any difference in comprehension of the poem--it's pretty straightforward, like all (or most of) my poetry. =) That's how I like it! Don't hesitate to send any comments you might have. ^_^ Ja! ~MJ
Date of Composition: May 2, 2002 (Creative Writing, 1st period)