The wind howled outside of the house. It had been like that all day. A big storm was going to blow in and I was occupied with trying to close all of the windows and gates tightly before the weather got too bad. I didn’t want the cows getting out like they did the last big storm that came. The gates can never be locked too tight. It was getting dark when I finally finished my last check on the doors. Suddenly the rain started. I was pleased that my snug little cottage was all fortified for the weather. I started a fire and settled down in front of it.

I had always lived alone here since my family died. At the age of twenty I lived a lonely and very independent existence. My father and brothers had been killed in the last feudal land war and my mother had died of plague when I was fifteen. The land was dangerous to live on, but I managed. Drow were everywhere as were orcs, making it a very dangerous venture for me to live as a single woman without a protector. Not that I hadn’t had men try. Several had offered to marry me, but until I was forced, I couldn’t bring myself to commit to anyone one of them. I knew I was at least slightly attractive, but to the men out here where the few unmarried women were far between, I could have been hideous and still gotten a mate.

I put a pot of soup on the spit over the fire and sat down on the floor again. Suddenly I heard a faint knocking noise. Thinking it was just the wind I concentrated on the fire until I heard it again. I grabbed a poker by the fire and cautiously peered out the window. Whether it was just the wind or not, I never could be too safe.

Not seeing anything to either side of the window, I slowly opened the door. I nearly fell over myself backwards when I saw what was lying on the stone steps up to the door.

It was a drow, and from the looks of it a very injured one. I grabbed my cloak from the inside of the door and proceeded to pull the drow into the house. I wasn’t going to let anything just lay there out in this weather. I would be cruel, drow or not.

I looked at the soaked creature. It was a male, a full-grown male drow. Curiously enough I wasn’t frightened of him in this state. In fact, I simply felt pity. He wasn’t conscious and when I rolled him over I saw a massive knife wound across his back. I carefully pulled him over to my bed and with some effort got him on top of it. I grabbed some bandages made from an old dress and gently wrapped them around his torso. He groaned as I did so.

I sat back and looked closely at him. He was a jet-black color, yet darker, almost a purplish black. His hair was that bone white that all drow had, shoulder length and thick. His face was chiseled and delicately formed. Even as a human he would have been considered shockingly attractive. His upper body was incredibly well formed with dense muscle that skimmed just below his velvet colored skin. I pulled the rest of his badly torn tunic off and tucked the blanket up over him. He needed the bed more than I did tonight. Strangely it never occurred to me to be afraid for myself there alone with a drow, a male drow at that. He just looked too helpless to do anything right now.

I grabbed another blanket and curled up on the floor in front of the fire. I’d check on him later to make sure he was still all right. With that thought I fell asleep comfortably warm in my little blanket nest.