Author's Note: This is a poem I wrote when I was feeling kind of angry and sad and whatnot... Poetry is a good way to vent. Anyway, please review.

How many times am I going to be asked if "Everything's okay"?
A different excuse, every time:
I'm stressed, I'm tired, Everything's fine, why do you ask?
I swear, am I really that transparent?
Can everyone really tell?
I try my best to hide my emotions, but still, they seem to show.
The most obvious things they never notice, but the things I try to hide they see right through.
Nothing's wrong, it's everything that's wrong, you can't tell, but you see me through.
The transparent walls I thought were opaque do nothing for me, nothing's wrong.
Everything's just great, don't you know.
But not for me, how can you tell?
I'm hiding behind glass hoping that no one can see me.
And now I'm just being naive.
Can you really see so far through me?
Am I really that transparent?
Everyone sees through me.
Nothing's wrong, everything's great.