"I am not called Hero"

I am no Superman.
I don't always do the right thing.
I have never saved a life,
and who knows what I would do with x-ray vision.
I am no Superman.
I've never had an S laid across my chest.
I don't know what it feels like to fly.
I will never break the sound barrier.
I am no Superman.
I can't say I've ever lifted a car,
I can't even say I've never let you down.
I am not called hero.
I am no Superman, Yet.

I don't defy myself,
I only deny myself of you.
Wish there was something in this world that could
change my mind.
Who am I kidding?
There is.
Its you, and you are me.

I walked through myself,
hiding no doors,
thinking of confusion.
I could not hide,
I could not be seen,
and I walked out.

I am alive, and now I live.