Leaving What I Know

The end of the familiar
The end of what is sure
The end of each and every thing I knew just days before

I never thought it'd be this hard
Never knew just what I'd miss
I thought that there was nothing left to make it hurt like this

I'm told things will get better
That I'll somehow make it through
But I'm not sure things can improve, without friends like you

I'd looked forward to this very day
When I'd leave this town behind
That was before I'd learned of all the reasons I would find

To wish that I could stay
And forget this whole ordeal
Because leaving all the things I know, has lessened the appeal

Of this dream that always seemed so right
Best of all that's ever been
I only wish that each day, I could see you all again.

--To all of my friends in Rochester, MN--

okay, this was written . . . *does math* . . . the day before we left for canada. just that year i had gotten all these friends, and we were leaving. at that point, life sucked.