The Dolphin, The Fish, and The Penguin

By: Gema J. Gall

In a land so cold the ice never melts. In a place that is so far north it is almost south. Where the land is gray and barren. There lived three friends; the dolphin, the fish, and the penguin. Each were alone, abandoned by their own kind. They depended on each other for their survival. They were very close friends and each would trust the others with their life. One night they talked, under the Northern Lights. The Aurora was the only light, and the only source of color in this dismal landscape.

"I wish our home could be as colorful as the sky tonight," sighed the penguin.

"It is beautiful," agreed the dolphin.

"Once a whale told me that if someone really wishes hard the Great Lights will give it to them. If the wish is made with a pure and unselfish heart," said the fish, "Is that what you would ask for? To color our world?"

"Yes," said the penguin, "I dream of it every night. I want to see our home shining with all the colors of the Great Lights."

"What I dream of," said the fish, "Is to see the deepest part of the ocean. To see the depths that the whales tell me about."

"But you'd never make it that far!" exclaimed the dolphin, "You might get hurt or worse."

"It is my dream and I know it is hard. I wish by the Great Lights that it may come true," replied the fish firmly.

"What about your dreams? What is it you would want to do, that you would want to see?" the penguin asked the dolphin.

"Me! Well... I ," stammered the dolphin, "It is silly. Don't worry about it."

"No, we told you ours," stated the fish, "Besides on a night like tonight your wish may just come true."

"What I have always dreamed of," the dolphin said longingly, "was to jump over the sun. I see it up so high, shining so brightly and I want to reach it."

"That is so amazing. I hope your dream comes true," said the penguin.

They talked and gazed at the Northern Lights all night. Soon the first gray rays of dawn were reaching across the horizon. The three friends did not get to see that sunrise, though, because a ferocious blizzard arose soon before the sun began the new day. The blizzard raged for three days and the three friends hid from the vicious winds. The landscape was a blur of gray swirls. The three friends ignored their dreams and focused solely on staying alive.

Then one day the storm broke. The penguin crawled out of the cave that he was hiding in and began to explore the wind swept world. He blinked with bleary eyes at the plain landscape. The fish and the dolphin stuck their noses out of the ocean and looked out across their dull, colorless home.

The penguin was waddling by the ocean, looking for the fish and the dolphin, when something sparkling in the snow caught his eye. The penguin bent down to get a better look. Out of the snow the penguin pulled a beautiful pearl that had washed up in the storm. The penguin turned the pearl and it flashed in the sunlight.

"This is beautiful," thought the penguin. He found a piece of string and tied the pearl to his neck. Then he waddled off to find his friends.

"What a storm!" exclaimed the fish, as soon as they found each other.

"I thought you would be used to them by now," remarked the penguin.

"Oh, my!" cried the dolphin, looking at the penguin's neck, "Where did you find such a beautiful pearl!?"

"It washed up in the storm," said the penguin with a shrug.

"Look at the way it sparkles," cooed the fish.

"It reminds me of the sun," said the dolphin. The dolphin paused, remembering for the first time since the blizzard hit about her dream to jump over the sun.

"I'm going to do it. I am going to jump over the sun today," said the dolphin with an unswayable determination.

"What!?" exclaimed the fish.

"Wishing is all very good," said the dolphin, "but it does not do you much good if you do not try to make your own dreams come true."

"I really think you can do it," said the penguin confidently. "With that kind of attitude nothing is impossible."

"Thank you," said the dolphin, and with that she dove deep into the ocean. She dove deeper than she ever had before. When the dolphin could not go any farther because she was afraid her lungs would burst, she turned around and charged to the surface. With a mighty wave of power the dolphin broke through the water and leapt towards the sun. The penguin and the fish looked on in wonder. The dolphin soared higher and higher. When it looked like the dolphin was almost to the sun she began to plummet. She feel back into the water with a huge splash.

"Oh!" cried the fish in disappointment, as the dolphin resurfaced.

"That was so close! I think you can make it if you try to jump again," said the penguin.

"Yes. It would not be a dream worth pursuing if I did not try again," said the dolphin. "Just let me catch my breath."

A few seconds later the dolphin dove again. She dove deeper than she did the last time. Despite the tightness in her chest the dolphin did not stop diving until she had reached the bottom. With a mighty thrust of her tail the dolphin began to ascend again pushing herself to go faster and faster. The dolphin broke the surface of the ocean and jumped with all her might. The dolphin rose farther and farther. Down below the fish and the penguin silently prayed for the dolphins success, their hearts joining with the hope that the dolphin had. The dolphin had risen farther than she had on the first jump but still was not to the sun when it began to fall again. She fell back into the ocean with a huge splash.

"I thought for sure that the dolphin would have made it," said the fish.

"I just wish there was something we could do to help," said the penguin, as the dolphin appeared above the waves.

"Maybe-" said the fish to himself, beginning to get an idea.

"I just can't get deep enough!" said the dolphin exasperated.

"There maybe something I can do to help," said the fish. "I will dive down and find the deepest place in the ocean I can. That is my dream and in doing so I can help you fulfill yours."

"But it is too dangerous!" exclaimed the penguin, "You could get really hurt!"

"The dolphin is right, though. A dream that is not worth the effort, not worth the risk is not worth achieving," said the fish. "This is something I must do."

"Then good luck to you my friend," said the penguin.

"Thank you for doing this," said the dolphin, slightly choked up. "It means so much to me."

Without another word the fish dove into the depths of the ocean. The fish dove to the ocean floor. Down there he explored, looking for a trench, the deepest part of the ocean that the whales spoke about, looking for the place that would fulfill its dreams and the dreams of the dolphin. Soon a long canyon appeared in the ocean floor. The fish dove into the canyon gazing around at the wonders of the ocean floor; the high dark cliffs, the misty seaweed, the smooth rocks, and the shifting shadows.

"This is it," thought the fish, excitedly. Then he began to rise to the surface to return to his friends.

Meanwhile, on the surface the dolphin and the penguin were talking.

"I want to do something to help you too," said the penguin to the dolphin. "I want you to have this." The penguin took off the pearl and put it around the dolphin's neck.

"Thank you, but I cannot accept this," said the dolphin, greatly honored by the gidt.

"I want you to have it. I want you to know that your friends are always with you. We want you to succeed too. Take this pearl so that our hopes will always be near your heart," said the penguin. The fish then returned.

"I found it, a place that is deep enough for you to dive. It is so amazing down there. It is completely different from here," said the fish, quickly, with a large smile.

"Congratulations, but I am just glad that you returned safely," said the penguin who was relieved.

"This is it. I am going to do it. I am going to fulfill my dream," said the dolphin nervously.

"Then follow me," said the fish. "I'll show you to the canyon." The dolphin and the fish dove into the ocean together. The penguin watched silently as they swam off, waddling back and forth. The fish came back to the penguin after a few minutes.

"I showed the dolphin the canyon," said the fish. " We have done everything we can do, the dolphin must do the rest on its own."

"No," said the penguin, " as long as we believe and hope and wish and dream together we will never have to do anything on our own."

During this the dolphin was diving into the depths of the sea. Driven by determination and will-power the dolphin continued, ignoring the pain in her lungs. When she finally reached the bottom of the canyon the dolphin wasn't sure if she would have the strength to jump. But the thought of failure was unacceptable. She quickly pushed it out of her mind—her friends believed in her.

"I must do this. I will succeed. I want to succeed," thought the dolphin. The dolphin gave a powerful flick of her tail and began to swim to the surface. Faster and faster she pushed itself, determined not to fail. She gathered strength from every muscle in her body as she prepared to jump.

The dolphin broke through the waves and propelled herself high into the air. She soared higher and higher. The fish and the penguin watched hopefully from below, the penguin's beak hanging slightly open. The dolphin continued to climb without slowing.

The dolphin reached the sun. A silhouette of the dolphin arching her back as she prepared to dive back in the water was burned into the hearts of the penguin and the fish. The dolphin hung by the sun suspended for a couple seconds.

Then a ray of sunlight caught the pearl around the dolphin's neck. A rain bow of color shot off of the pearl and covered the land below. The three friends were temporarily blinded as the dolphin dove back in the sea with a triumphant splash. When they opened their eyes they all could not believe what they saw. The formerly gray snow mounds sparkled with crimsons and indigos and teals. Snow drifts were lilac and the cliffs were pale green. Their whole world shone with all the colors of the rainbow.

Then the three friends looked at each other. They had all changed. The once gray dolphin was now a deep royal blue; the blue of the deep determination that the dolphin had in pursuing her dreams. The penguin was pure crystal, the color of a perfect diamond. The pure unselfish friendship that the penguin had shown to his friends was now visible for all to see. The fish was a bright yellow, bright as the courage he had shown when it faced the unknown deep. The sun shone an intense red to show the whole world how hope can brighten lives. The pearl remained white, a symbol of the faith that the three friends had put in each other.

"Thank you. Thank you so much," said the penguin with tears in his eyes. "You have also made my dream come true."

"We did it all together. None of us could have accomplished what we just did without each other," said the dolphin.

"By believing in us and by not quitting we have made our world better," said the fish.

The three friends continued to share their dreams beneath the Northern Lights. They always encouraged each other to follow those dreams and gave whatever help they could. They lived in their multicolored landscape until the end of their days. Their world became much more beautiful then when they got there. All this happened because of a dream, the determination to fulfill it, the courage to face any obstacles, the hope to keep going when all seems lost, friends to help you through the hard times, and faith that everything will turn out right.