I can’t see anything….everything is so vague

Blinded by darkness

I’m about to fade

Please come hold me…just for a little while

I’m so lost

These illusions are so vile

I feel the pain that’s in my heart

All these memories

Are tearing me apart

creeping now, away from hope

confused by the future

I’ll never be able to cope

Oh Lord, guide me please

To eternal life

I’m falling to my knees

The tears are burning, down my cheek

Everything’s so ugly

Everything’s so bleak

I see the light, that you’ve shined for me!

It’s so beautiful!

It’s impossible for me to conceive

I feel your powerful hands, arise me to my feet

I am coming Lord!

It is you I will meet

This fear I will pass, and to you I will run

And to live in eternal happiness

These demons I shall overcome…