Ch.2 The Basement

Curiosity finally got the better of the couple so they went to check the library a few days after the momentous event, But unfortunately for them all they found were disappearances and no clues to who or what was down there. As they left Erik suggested they go check for themselves just to see if Susan was just trying to scare them off with old town horror stories.

They drove up to the manor and stepped out of the car and hoped Susan was just joking as the entered the decaying house. They slowly made their way down the stairs being very careful for loose floorboards and decaying steps. When they finally got to the bottom the two realized what Susan meant. The stench was almost unbearable and the walls were piled high with nothing but stingy, old, cardboard boxes that contained things that were older than they were put together. As they began moving stuff around they found holes in the walls and termites and spiders crawling out of the ceiling. Trying hard not to think about what was going on above her Lara kept lugging boxes around until she suddenly stopped dead. Erik came over to see what was wrong but Lara just kept on staring and when he looked he found it was just a box.

“ Lara snap out of itâ€