My Own World I Shall Stand
By Mendelssohn

Background: I don't have much to say except that this is a rather pessimistic point of view. Enjoy!!


I stand alone in this world,
No one to help me
No one to support me
No one to turn to
No one to care for me
No one who loves me
No one whom I love
No one I can trust
Everyone nonexistent.

Why do I isolate myself?
Because everything is mortal.
Even immortals are mortals
For immortals like Earth, air, water, and love
Still experience pain, anger, and betrayal.
Air is destroyed by pollutants of humans
Love is betrayed by greed of passionate lovers
Earth is dying for the inconsideration of humanity.

Alas, all immortals are drawn to mortals
Leading mortals to control immortals
And immortals, who cruel Fate plays upon,
Loses their immortality.
A mortal they become.

Friends, families, and pets,
All who can abandon me any moment,
Whether with intention or without,
They will drift from me like falling leaves
In a gentle blowing breeze
Leaving me no longer whole and trembling,
Trembling for I am no longer standing.
I am falling into eternal darkness.
And when I recover and stand up,
I will be left once again
Falling blindly once more.

Why should I suffer such ghastly pain?
No one deserve such this anguish,
The anguish of being left behind
With no help
With no hope
With no dream
With no future.

Hence, I stand alone.
No person to hold dear to
No object to treasure
No place to dream of
No ground to stand on
No air to breathe.

A painless life I live,
A life that lasts forever,
A life I live in my little world.


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