Inhumanities of Talent
by Mendelssohn

Background: This was written in tribute to ShinigamiForever, my dear and extremely talented friend. Her writing makes mine seem like mere child's scribbles. I highly recommend you reading her works.
BTW, when I said 'inhumanities' in my title, I didn't mean cruel, harsh, and aggravating. I meant the side that mortal humans could never achieve.

A writer's pose she sat.
Such elegance, thoughtfulness, and firmness.
An aura of power
Radiates from with in her presence
so indescribable
leaving me only to stareā€¦
to stare in awe.

It's a wondrous sight,
indeed it is,
to see how her mind races
Carefreely spilling precious, gorgeous lines
from heart
to head
to hand
to paper.
Nothing that could ever distract her,
not me
nor shine
nor humans
nor shame
nor Nature.
Everything becomes inspiration
for carefully nurturing her tiny beauties.

Envy people do
of such extraordinary talent
from a youthful teenager.
How her mere doodles
are world's greatest masterpieces.
Her splotches and drabbles of incomplete thoughts
become our ideals.
Her writings so grand and golden
yet mysterious and twisted.

It's almost frightening
how her writings can deeply unseat people.
The talent that she carries
seeming strangely foreign to us.
Yet, she is as normal like any of us.
She and her writings,
although somewhat exotic,
are easy to relate to,
touching us in the deepest depths of our human soul.

And so I watch her create a world,
a world of wonders and the deepest of emotions.
I see her mind creating this world
while she stares off into space
in a classroom packed full of students
scrambling to take notes from the teacher,
And she, completely oblivious to her surroundings.
All she sees are lyrical verses flowing gently across her
like wisps of honey
as she stands in her own beautiful world,
creating more wonderful places for us to explore.

This is no longer a wondrous sight I see.
This has developed into something grander, richer, and fuller.
It has become a phenomenon, waiting to be uncovered by us.


(I have finally expressed my true appreciation for her! Yay!) Feedback, please? Every type of criticism welcomed. Thank you!