all day i wait with nervous eye
and hands sweaty with the flush of love
as my body glows in sweet anticipation
my love i'll meet at the parting of the light

the morning dawn is chilling
as i shake away the damp
and into rainments glowing red
my heart beats slow
and my fingers tweedle dee and tweedle dum
i know the day dawns long
and i must wait to hold my lover near

the noontime passes hot
the zenith shimmering
winking in its way
as if to say
"your time is almost here"
i smile sweet, but i scoff inside
as if i would forget, when all i want is to see my lover dear

soon the chill takes to the air
and shadows lengthen long before me
I pull my cloak of gold tight
as my heart flutters in my chest
but tis the loneliest hour
the just before
and i bite deep into my flesh
to keep the hounds at bay
all day i've waited quiet dear
but now that you draw near
it seems unbearable to bear

but then the moment breaks
and you fall into my arms
at that blinding moment of dusk
and we grasp and grapple and hold tight
knowing just this spot, this moment
is all we'll have
and yet it is glorius
there seems no other moment, no other time, no other being
but you, my love
and my long wait is forgotten
just as the thought that there will be more to come

and your glow binds me, pulls me close
wipes away the fevered heat that hath possessed me all this long day
the knaw is gone, the worry dissapated
as i revel in your unearthly presence, pale and full
and ever so achingly beautiful,
so achingly torturous is this rapture
for soon i feel your grip loosen and i know our time is soon to end
i clutch you closer for that last moment then i let the darkness swallow you
as you fade from view
i lay my heavy head down
to begin to wait anew