senseless leadership
false messages in politics
with talks of getting rich quick,
educational skits with smart ass kids
not everyone can be successful
why lead a generation blind
into a cess pool; of greed, hate and crime
its unhealthy to realize
the ways of this world
when its too late
and the weight of the truth
hits the youth of today
with a brutal display
of survival each day

the poor support the rich
its the pyramid of social class
rich employ the poor
and the poor get the shaft
tv ads and government
make claims of equality
and buy tickets for the next lottery
we can't shake our capitolism
why not embrace greedy visions
create a system with fuctionning members
a working force without lying
we can all be winners,
send the losers home crying
make a perfect society
that's what we've been told
i don't believe shit that they say
it just makes them rich anyway