they tell you doubt is evil thoughts
they tell you not to question God
they say all our needs are covered if we follow
then why are lies so hard to swallow?
we are protected if we follow him?
then why do children die from famine?

the significance of the bible
is dependant on the ignorance of the reader
why should God direct where i go?
priests are seignorial chicken feeders
to seignor that doesn't exist
what omnipotence takes 6 days to create
an unperfect world as this?
"let there be light" and so it was
he sure took his sweet time on us
all powerful my ass, he rested on the 7th
he mearly spoke and it became real,
its'a wonder he didn't strain himself
christianity in total stemed from catholicism
which was based on a principal of capitolism
charging the public for escape from purgatory
but the system exists to erase people's sins
bull shit, money should have no part within
every other christian religion
was based off this divine vision
how could this be forgotten
for over 1000 years before remembered?
a cash hungry villa looking for members?
a lazy man with no ambition?
a scewed up man on hallucenagen?
any one of these
could've been the dawn of religion
what makes us need to believe to exist?
our existence is proof enough of life and of bliss