Author's Notes: I wrote a song to a story of mine I'm currently working on about a space ghost ship.

"Mirella's Star"
Evil Overlady

In the dead of space, somewhere far from home
In a rusty freighter bound for ports unknown,
The crew whispers a tale they swear is true!

Of a ghostly ship made of moonless night
That coasts the stars in a frightening sight
While the sensors read no ship within eye's view.

Ho there! Keep the lights turned low!
Don't catch the gaze of
Mirella's Star!
She journeys space on a quest untold
And shows herself when help's too far.

She'll swoop down low like a bird of prey
In a translucent ebony display
With gashed bulkheads flashing bits of starry sky.

A banshee cry, through the hull, resounds
While the crew ducks low, and she makes her rounds
And fades from sight when a rescue ship comes by.


Mirella was a pirate of the starry sea,
Stealing government vessels' new technology,
Including, they say, Mirella's Star itself.

Until a Navy armada destroyed her fleet,
Leaving only Mirella and her Star to keep
To haunt the jet black space, where she now dwells.


Nobody knows why she flies right past,
Never harming old freighters that are in distress
Or how, for them, there's a rescue ship soon near.

But cutthroats learn to avoid this space,
Not a single one living who has seen her face,
Giving evil a new ungodly force to fear.

Some say she's questing on a vengeful trek
For the traitor who left her for a fleet to wreck
And he's hidden among the pirates of today.

But if that's so, we may never know
'Cause all that fighting happened long ago,
And for all we know Mirella's here to stay.