Suddenly woken
confused, alert
- Sleepy Heads always seem to hurt-
Mem'ries scattered across my mind.
Try to think bout
night before
- Sleepy Head feels really sore-
True accounts so hard to find.

And sifting through
I can't recall
if I was e'en
alive at all
Yet sure that I
did something then
mem'ries non-existent I
find myself forced to rely
on accounts from those I hope are friends.

And as I hear
them regale
I hope they embellish'd their tale
else I have done some really shitty things.
I can't cope
with what they say
so I try to push them away
in a bottle all my doubts drowning.

My eyes grow heavy
as I write
trying to ensure tonight
that I'll know what I done when I awake.
I write it down
tear it up
lift my glass again to sup
I'll reach oblivion
whate'er it takes.