Everybody loves songs,
think warm thoughts,
love each other

Not me

Into the dark realm,
we fall together

Hands held tightly,
hearts in tune to each other

Empty and rotten,
we fall,
alone but together we shall stay

On that day,
my angel died that die,
falling with me,
our burning desires too much for the world

Tears falling down both our faces,
the final moment alive,
our lives at the end,
always knowing we are going be together

Now it's all gone,
darkness fills our eyes,
loneliness fills our newfound lives

I can't understand why you left me behind,
to fend for myself,
left to die alone in a wretched wasteland

You were my hope, my friend, my love,
my reason to live

Standing with your back to me,
you don't dare to listen to my begging and pleading

You've broken my heart,
ripped it in half while still inside my chest,
and stepped on it till it was no more

You say to me "You're a big fucking disgrace"
over and over for all eternity in my mind

A disappointment to all who know me,
a shame to this world,
a let down to my family

I am all of this and more in my eyes

A soulless vessel,
filled with hatred and anger toward the world,

These things I am

These things you call me

These things you believe I am

All I want,
is another chance,
to show you that I can love,
and that I still love you