The Contrary Princess

And she did curse herself that day
Took the bullet for the bullets sake
Took her unhappiness about her like a blanket
Of finest down and decided their was fasion in a fray
Naught did matter as Queen, widow, mother, maid
all laid in the meadow

She knew a better fate
Awaited her out in the world
If only she were to seize it
Knew there were a man who'd make a far better mate
A man of equal interest and attention
and he idid/i live just down the glen

But she looked into the blue
Of this one's eyes, looking down at her ever so intently
And decided she never wanted to see them go
Didn't matter that their love wasn't true
She'd set them both on their murky path
And that would be their life and lot

She thumbed her nose up at the king
And said, "Father dear, that'll teach you to paint me in a golden hue.
I don't need money, love, or fame. I'll show you all what I can do.
I'll wear this boy's ring,
this boy I've once given myself too, I do give anew.
Though he's given me naught but worry, wonder and a little hut."

Then she turned to her lover
Who she'd met beneath the cherry trees,
And knit her brows together,
"You know we've spent many a cozy day under cover,
But we've hardly had much to say to one another,
But I've rarely taken my eyes off you since that night in the cherry grove."

"Tis enough for me," he quickly replied,
"I know I've strayed a bit too far from time to time
As young men are wont to do,
But from now on, I'll stick right to your side
Except for the errant day here and there
And we'll live in comfort within these palace walls."

"Oh no you don't," she said and tweaked him on the nose,
"I picked you, that's for sure, tho all here know
I shouldn't deign to let you kiss my shoe
After all those aches and woes.
And we all know I've never been one to deny you
But this time, I put that deignty shoe down, and neither I nor you will have this castle."

The King did look on with dread
As the Princess tipped up her chin
and wrested the golden band from her stunned groom.
She'd been carefully bred
For a life of comfort and doting care,
Married and well within the highest tower

But instead she'd found some vagabond boy
Who could press her buttons
And twist her in knots
He'd treated her most unjustly, like a much maligned toy
But she'd always liked a challenge, that one,
And hated the stifle of the palace court.