Mean to Me

Sometimes I hate you
When you don't pay attention to me;
I start thinking things like
"You son of a
(Insert explicit word here)
I wish I'd never met you!"
I never say it, of course,
But when you sit next to me
Every day and start spitting out things
Like "you're so gay" and
"I know you love
(Insert name of archnemesis here)
And you just won't admit it!"
I never know just what to do
But make a sarcastic comment at you,
Oh you're so
Mean to me.

But then when you're done
Being all manly,
And decide that you've shown off enough,
You're suddenly gentle,
Mindful of me,
Respecting what I think
And feel
And say.
You're charming
In your own special way
When you don't try to be.
Comical and funny,
Warm and open-hearted,
Then when I least expect it
You say the sweetest thing...
And I never know just what to do
But make a sarcastic comment at you,
Oh you don't know
How much you
Mean to me.

Author's Notes: Just suddenly came to me and I typed it up. I'd say it's kind of nice. ^_^ I didn't mean for it to rhyme, especially in the second half, but now I realize that it sort of did. It has a sort of ring to it, so I like it anyway. =) So as for schematics--totally free verse, except for some unintentional rhyming and the intentional one (the "do" and "you" rhyme that repeats itself in both halves was on purpose).
Also, this is more or less based on real events (see Aloha). Sometimes knowing that it's based on reality helps a person understand the whole thing better--I know it helps me many times.
I guess that's it! It's fairly self-explanatory. Comments are appreciated, as usual, but don't feel obliged. ^_^ Thanks a lot! ~MJ