To Alexander

Flanking maneuvers
At Granicus, you had Parmenio
To thank: later you
Had him to
Murder, the paranoia in
Absolutism the divinity in
Towards Egyptian sanctuaries,
At the Phalanx head.

Did you weep
When Philip drank the
Deadly hand dealt, did
The stars and shadowed
Moon appeal to
You so? Then? If you had
Known that the
Waters yielded Waters,
Cleaving unto the
Land, if you
Had known?

Darius: his
Own subordinate felled
Displacement, once a
Pilot, black-clad, felled
Atop Iron chariots, invisible
The Persian deserts,

You---waiting for the World,
To, perhaps, expand of itself
And offer more…
More, continuous shelves of
The Land, fordable rivers blocking
Aligned motions, fresh glinting troops, how each and every
Nemesis is as lovely as the one before it,
Fiery black
Arabian Stallions…

When the flanking
Lines fell after you, the
Misunderstood threat of sudden
Illness, of a bronzed-angry deity
Assumed his
Higher Name, it is for
Men and Gods to

If you had fallen back,
Head against the softened Desert
Sand, would you have
Plotted the
Dome of Sky, navigating fleets in the
Wash between…Parmenio's cavalry:
Companion Horse, lances raised
Against celestial
Eastern Soldiers.