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Many know of the mystical bird who rose from the ashes to live again. But how many truly know what caused this creature to commit itself to the flame? Listen now, my children, as what I shall tell you will clarify some of the hidden mysteries that have lay unsolved for centuries about the Phoenix and wil also set the stage for a tale of great adventure.

The Phoenix was indeed a magnificient creature. And being the only one of its kind, seeing it was compared to Nirvana, as it was said that good luck came to whoever saw it. It was made up of five elements: fire, wind, ice, earth and light. Fire attested to the determination in its spirit, the wind beneath its wings lending grace to its form as it wandered and soared through the sky. Ice gave it its calm demeanour, although some would more describe it as a cold personality. Earth seemed the most out of place, considering that the Phoenix was mostly a creature of the sky. but the Phoenix was attuned to the whole existence of nature; nature was a part of it and it was a part of nature, and so earth was not without its place. Anywhere that the Phoenix touched, whether with its talons of gold or via one of its pinions, was immediately blessed with boundless fertility. Light was the most powerful of the elements, as it ruled the heart of this wondrous spectacle. The Phoenix was loved by almost all who heard of it.

Of course, there were those who wished such power for themselves. Many attempted to cage the Phoenix, and failed miserably. Good-hearted and trusting though it was, the Phoenix was no fool and kept a wary eye for would-be captors. Thus, the Phoenix became prey, but an elusive prey it was, until the Darkness invaded. The Darkness threatened to obliterate the very core of the Phoenix's soul, and for many days, the screams of the Phoenix could be heard all across the land, as Light and Darkness battled for control of its heart. The Darkness, however, was beginning to take its toll, and rather than succumb to the madness of the dark, the Phoenix decided to separate itself, for by doing so it would possess enough power in its final moments of unity to seal the darkness away. And so it was, that upon a snow-capped, windy mountain, the Phoenix committed itself to the flame and rose up from the ashes when the first rays of sunlight banished the darkness of the night.

However, children, this part of the story is not yet finished. The Phoenix, in its final moments, flew to the centre of the world, and in a final burst of light, separated into seven pinions. The first five contained the original elements of light, fire, wind, ice and earth. These sought out humans that were akin to themselves and beckoned them as guardians. The sixth was never claimed by a single human, but was passed on from hand to hand, bringing along with it chaos, war, and death. The seventh became a great shrine at the very centre of the earth. The guardians, over time, began to forget their duty and wandered from the shrine to seek new lives. And thus, the power of the first five pinions grew weaker, while the sixth grew stronger and the seventh remained unharnessed, standing as a bastion of a legacy nearly forgotten, but is about to be remembered.