would you mind if i died?
would you mind if you had to watch me cold and dead
would you mind at all if I left and didn't return?
How would you react?
Would you cry and weep and moan?
Or would you stand silently holding the back of the chair
Trying to breath
Would you come to my funeral?
Or stay at home in bed for a week?
Would you care at all?
How would you react
If I didn't come to school one day?
Wonder what happened to the smileing face that you saw the day before?
Wonder how the smileing face had slashes on the arms?
The smileing face is a grimace until those were made.
Deal with it. I'm not happy. It's fake for you.
I'll lie for you. I'll cry for you. I'll die for you.
But would you mind?
But would you even notice and care?