Oh, God, are you there?
Do you listen, do you care?

For I live in a world where trust is sparce,
Where man is greedy, and love's a farce.

And friendship truely is nothing divine,
It skips from pair to pair for less than a year at a time

So, God, can you help us in this unstable place?
When life is illgotten, like an undefined race.

People don't know where their allegiance stands,
Most even wonder whether there is a God in these lands.

Do you, our father, stand and watch our mortal lives die?
How are we to know what is truth or even lies.

We don't just want to go on faith blind,
Did we just evolve, or did you really create our minds.

You gave us a bible, a tool to use,
But how do humans know if it is just a ruse.

I am not saying you are not there.
But there can be different reasons for the traits both situations share.

I just want an answer God, help me please.
Is it wise to put our faith in you, or should we just cease.

I'm full of questions her, I just want to know.
Guide me on the path, the truth please show.